Famous Pathan personalities in Iqbal's poetry

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Dr. Aqsa Naseem Sindhu
Ruqia Shabbeer
Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Jan
Nisar Ali
Dr. Mutahir Shah
Dr.Muhammad Rahman
Syed Azwar Abbas


Iqbal's poetry collection "Baal-e-Jabreel" includes a short poem titled "Kushhal Khan ki Wasiyat". This poem is related to the famous Pashto poet Khushal Khan Khattak (1613-1689). In this poem, Iqbal has paid tribute to the martyrdom and struggle of Khushal Khan Khattak.

Some critics are of the opinion that Khushal Khan Khattak also has similar concepts of Self, Shaheen and Mard-i-Momin which are frequently found in Iqbal's poetry. Like Iqbal, he is convinced of the greatness of man and his place in the universe and teaches the lesson of achieving high goals and hard work. One of his books is titled "Baz Nama" and Baz or Shaheen. It is a bird with high qualities and glory.This similarity and sharing of thoughts between these two great poets is amazing. Iqbal obviously may not have read Khushal Khan Khattak's Pashto Kalam, but he was nevertheless familiar with his name and work, and the English translation of Khushal Khan Khattak's poems (which was published in London) might have passed his eyes. Mir Abdul Samad has written that Khushal Khan Khattak's Diwan contains a little mixed poetry of Pashto and Hindi or Urdu, which shows that he had also studied Urdu poetry of his time. It is estimated that Iqbal was very fond of pathans. In this article, Iqbal's love for Pathan tribes has been made a topic.

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