Sefarad will acknowledge receipt of the originals sent by the authors.

The Editorial Board may reject an article, without the need to proceed with its evaluation, when it considers that it does not adapt to the standards, both formal and content, or does not adapt to the thematic profile of the publication.

After this prior analysis, all articles will be subjected to an external review process according to the “peer” and “double blind” system in which at least two reviewers external to the journal will participate, resorting to a third in case of that was necessary. The evaluators will be researchers of recognized prestige who are specialists in the field. The anonymity of both the author and the reviewers will be maintained; However, the lists of external evaluators who have collaborated with the journal in previous years will be published periodically, with prior personal authorization.

The final acceptance or rejection of the article will be communicated to the authors.

In each published article, the dates of its reception and approval will be indicated.

The Editorial Board will be the one that makes the decision, taking into account external reports, on the publication or rejection of each article.