We recommend depositing the data obtained from the research developed for the preparation of the article in repositories of recognized prestige, specific to the discipline or of a generalist type. In any case, it must be a FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) repository, preferably open access.

There are various repositories intended to preserve and disseminate specific data such as results of surveys, observations, interviews, simulations, automatically collected data, samples, models... If necessary, you can consult the Registry of re3data research data repositories , taking into account that each repository has its own deposit rules.

CSIC staff may deposit their research data in DIGITAL.CSIC following these instructions and may make use of the Delegated Archive Service made available by the DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office and the CSIC Library Network.

DIGITAL.CSIC generates DOIs for datasets and associated software and is certified as a data repository in re3data and Repository Finder . For more information see the Data Policy at Digital.CSIC .

If research data has been deposited in a repository, it must be mentioned in the article, providing a brief description of the type of data deposited, the name and URL of the repository, the identifying code and the data on the use and distribution license. This information must appear at the end of the article, immediately before the bibliographic list, under the heading “Availability of deposited data”