Surveying Ecological Narratives in Pakistani Electronic Media Commercials: A Multi Modal Discourse Analysis

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Muhammad Nasir
Rabia Fayyaz
Nasir Abbas
Fehmina Nazar
Atif Sohail
Marrium Shakoor
Hassan Raza


The present study explores the complex world of green advertising in Pakistani electronic media ads by concentrating on important research topics that are firmly rooted in accepted theoretical framework. The researchers delve into the intricate relationships between multimodal themes, color psychology, and persuasive communication in the distinct electronic media ecosystem of Pakistan. The research highlights the value of a comprehensive strategy for environmentally friendly advertising, highlighting the interplay between language, images, and color as demarcated by Kress and Van Leeuwen's Audience Multimodality Theory by selecting six advertisements on Eco linguistics. The research high spots the significance of cultural and linguistic subtleties in influencing audience engagement with environmentally friendly messaging through its examination of Pakistani electronic media. These exposes our awareness of how Pakistani electronic media environments employ green advertising to influence attitudes and actions, ultimately leading to a more ecologically aware populace.

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