Critical Elements in Determining Housing Satisfaction among Households: A Systematic Literature Review

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Baihaki Abdullah
Azreen Hamiza Abdul Aziz


Over the past decade most of the research in housing has emphasized that, home is one of the most important basic needs of human beings. Traditionally, preferred high quality housing unit among households have been increased high satisfaction, may also improve social, economic and political. However, research has consistently shown that, lacking preferred housing unit facing poor satisfaction among households. This debate about poor satisfaction been demonstrating that showed negative impact, unoccupied housing units, high maintenance costs, high labour costs and will increase in unsold housing. This aim of this study is to investigate the determinant critical elements in housing satisfaction among households. This study systematically review articles by numerous authors in housing satisfaction, aiming to provide a better understanding about elements affected among households. This study will describe the methods used to analyse housing satisfaction papers among households. Researchers used the PRISMA Statement (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses). The aim is to focus more on this study to identify housing satisfaction papers by making a paper search source that only involves Scopus database. Interestingly, 32 out of 282 articles have been observed, identified and qualitative was used. A further study with more focus on method qualitative design are recommended. 

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